Couples Massage – Double the Price, Double the Sensuality?

If a massage is supposed to release tension and soothe, then what is couples massage supposed to offer?  Does it mean double the pleasure, knowing that your loved one is mere feet away from you, enjoying a massage of their own?  Maybe.  Or maybe the two massages cancel each 출장마사지 other out, like a math equation of sorts, leaving the couple in question miserable, lying there in their cashmere robes amongst dozens of lit loganberry candles.  It’s really up to the couple to make the most out of it.

What is it?

Couples massage refers to a massage session in which a couple (this can range from husband and wife to mom and daughter) experience deep-tissue massage by two different therapists simultaneously.  The massage can be performed with either a lighter or stronger hand, depending on your preference, and is generally conducted with the couple laying side by side or face to face, on separate massage tables.  Couples massage can also be presented with an heir of sensuality (don’t get it twisted, it’s not like on late night Cinemax, it’s still just a massage) or it can easily strip away the facade of romantic pleasure if you’re getting couples massage with a friend or perhaps a business associate.

However, the main selling point of couples massage is that it’s intended to be romantic, as many spas advertising this type of massage also include pictures of dimly lit rooms with flutes of champagne resting on fine oak.  In fact, O Spa in Brooklyn offers several different couples spa packages, all of them with the option of paying twenty dollars extra for a bottle of champagne.  This of course will leave you wondering if you’re getting a really good deal on expensive champagne or if you’re, more likely, drinking twenty dollar champagne from Duane Reade.  It is also unclear as to how easy it is to drink from a champagne glass while lying completely flat on your stomach.

Obviously, the more money you pay, the more “romantic” it will seem.  Some of the larger hotel and resort spas offer couples suites, with amenities ranging from steam showers and whirlpools to fireplaces and bubbles.  That’s right, bubbles.  Along with the pricier spa packages for couples massage are more obscure massage techniques, such as warmed riverbed stone massage, Red Rose Petals Foot Ritual, Mandarin Oriental Signature body scrub, and Oriental Scalp Massage.

Who needs it?

It’s important to remember that these are simply massages, though with the right amount of coin they can easily spiral out of control into weekend getaways with mud-baths and cucumber facials.  So if you and your partner are both fairly comfortable with massage therapy, then it might be a nice way to relax together.  That being said, it’s not wise to plan a surprise spa weekend getaway for your husband or wife if he or she (or both of you) are new to massage therapy.  You may first want to individually get massages to know if you enjoy them enough and are comfortable enough to enjoy them with someone else.

Though the primary reason of massage is to release tension, especially if you’ve been stressed-out or over-worked, couples massage can sometimes backfire if you’re used to being alone during your massages.  For instance, you may find that your husband likes to talk nonstop when he’s getting a massage, whereas you like to space out or even read a book during yours.

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